Essential Bug Out Bag Supplies to Buy Today

Monday, October 14, 2013

Just as there are no two people the same, there are no to survival scenarios that will play out in the exact same way. Understanding the needs of the situation and the requirements for survival is the key to making sure that you and your family is able to make the right decision and the right moves.

With so many conflicting reports regarding the needs that you have and the supplies that will make your fight for survival easier, it is important that you have a clear understanding of the many different survival scenarios and events. The real question that you need to answer is not if an event will occur that requires a skilled approach to survival, but rather when this event will happen.

Additionally, what will the event look like? As was seen in previous disaster scenes, such as that found in New York and New Jersey after the “Super Storm” known as Sandy, disaster can and will strike at the most inopportune time and in the most unlikely of places.

Tomorrow’s Survival Depends on Today’s Preparation

Hurricane Sandy was proof that you should ALWAYS be prepared.
Of the events that recent memory can recall, Hurricane Sandy stands as one of the biggest reminders that security and provision is not a hallmark of the Federal government. While there are certainly agencies like FEMA in place that are tasked with providing care for people, the reality is that your survival is up to you and your preparedness.

With that in mind another question to ask yourself is whether or not you are ready for an event that could cause mass hysteria or even a localized event that could inhibit travel. What provisions do you have? Would you be able to maintain in your residence for upwards of 2 weeks? Do you have enough in your freezer to sustain a prolonged closure of grocery stores? Do you have the ability to prepare food if you have a complete failure of the power system? Do you have the capability to secure water or, better yet, to purify water should the need arise?

What Events Should You Prepare For?

Obviously there is a need to prepare for large-scale weather events such as hurricanes, blizzards, hail storms, severe thunderstorms, et al. However, have you ever considered the additional issues that could arise from an event such as an electromagnetic pulse (EMP)? Have you given much thought to the plausibility of being stranded in a remote place due to a broken down car? Is it possible that you could become isolated or lost while on a camping trip or expedition?

Survival skills and disaster preparedness are not just about being ready when the government falters or when the banking system collapses. While those events garner more attention and print, it is much more likely that you will experience a personal event that requires great skill and precision to maneuver.

Essential Bug Out Supplies You MUST Stockpile

To get started, there are many obvious items that you are going to need to stockpile and have at your immediate disposal. This is why it is so important that you have an emergency kit available to you in all situations. Having an emergency kit in your office, in your car, and certainly in your home will make it more likely that you have the materials you need to properly care for you and your family’s personal needs.

So what are the essential items? Every list is different in some way but most will agree that every emergency kit needs to have a minimum of 3 days worth of supplies. Keep in mind, this emergency kit is not meant to replace any other preparedness supplies. This kit is merely for emergency situations that call for immediate action. Here are a few supplies you should be stocking up on just for a basic bug out kit…

  • ·      5-10 cans of meat, beans, or other MRE’s
  • ·      Bottled Water (sealed)
  • ·      Matches/Lighter
  • ·      Blanket(s)
  • ·      Flashlights
  • ·      Batteries
  • ·      Compass/Map
  • ·      Survival Knife
  • ·      Bandages
  • ·      Hydrogen Peroxide
  • ·      Poncho(s)
  • ·      Emergency Radio
  • ·      Paper Towels

Don’t Be Caught Unprepared

Understanding the immediate needs of you and your family will be the key to making a survival kit that helps to sustain and protect you. Obviously every situation is different and every person is different. The key to survival is to be prepared and to think ahead. Do not allow yourself to become another statistic and do not allow you or your family to become a victim. Prepare now for the emergencies that will occur. Your survival depends on it. 


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