Location Based Survival Tips

Monday, October 14, 2013

Everyone is aware that the world has many different geographical zones and in each of these areas there are many different people groups. While the majority of people live in and around a city, there are also millions of people that live in other areas. As the terrain changes, so do the skills needed to survive in an emergency situation.

Urban Survival

Urban survival is a huge topic among many people these days. Understanding that millions of people live in large cities such as Chicago, New York, Las Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia, and Seattle, means that proper time needs to be given to urban survival tips. In these areas it is very unlikely that every person will be able to abandon the city in the event of a crisis or emergency. Here are a couple of things you really need to start prepping for urban survival:

  •  Bug Out Bag – well stocked in case you have no choice but to leave the city
  •   Weapons and Ammo – be prepared for urban raids and violence
  •    Food Supplies – a minimum of 3 months of food and water is essential
  •    Medical Supplies – stock up on prescription meds, antibiotics, and first aid
  •    Container Garden – an active container garden producing new food is a great way to be prepared for disaster in an urban setting

Mountain Survival

Additionally, there is also a need to understand how to survive in a region such as the Rocky Mountains, or the Appalachian Mountains. This terrain will pose many problems. When the potential for serious weather is added to the scenario it becomes very important for you and your family to have the skills and the know-how to properly care for each other.

  • ·      Weather Gear – warm clothing, afghans, and a source of heat indoors
  • ·      Food Supplies – a minimum of 3 months of food and plenty of seeds to plant
  • ·      Medical Supplies – first aid kits, antibiotics, herb garden to grow essentials
  • ·      Weapons and Ammo – for hunting and protecting your supplies
  • ·      Fire starters and supplies for outdoor cooking

Desert Survival

What about the person that lives in a desert environment? Cities such as Palm Springs or even Las Vegas are situated directly in the middle of a vast desert. The skills that you will need in this environment are very different than the skills that you would use if you were surviving in the everglades.

  • ·      Water Source – this is the very first thing you need to be working on
  • ·      Food Supplies – growing your own food is tough in hard soil, so stock up
  • ·      Weather Gear – appropriate clothing for your local climate
  • ·      Bug Out Bag – in case you need to get out of town quickly
  • ·      Medical Supplies – first aid kit, antibiotics, herbal remedies

Coastal Survival

Speaking of our water loving friends, what about a disaster scenario that affects those living close to large bodies of water such as an ocean or even a swamp? In this particular location your needs are going to change with the tide. Having the proper gear and the right survival tips could be the difference between living and dying.

  • ·      Bug Out Bag – this is essential because you may need to get out quickly
  • ·      Bug Repellant – mosquitos are rampant on the coast and carry disease
  • ·      Food Supplies – minimum of 3 months of food stored plus seeds
  • ·      Fresh Water Source – stock up and make a plan in case you run out
  • ·      Weapons and Ammo – for hunting and protection
  • ·      Fishing Supplies – for catching your meals

Flatland Survival

There are hundreds of thousands of acres of land directly in the middle of our country known as the grasslands or the prairie. In many of these locations there is not a ready-made water source and there are no caves to hide in. this location can be very formidable if you do not have the skills to traverse the land or to gather the materials that you need.

  • ·      Shelter – Consider a sturdy underground shelter for weather emergencies
  • ·      Weapons and ammo for protection and hunting
  • ·      Water – find a water source and stock up on water supplies
  • ·      Food Supplies – minimum of months of food plus seeds

Obviously you know where you live. The real question is if you have given thought to the needs that your geographical location will bring up? Have you documented the water sources? Are you familiar with the lay of the land? Do you have a clear understanding of the types of plants and animals that you could encounter in your environment?

With a little forethought and planning, you can insure you have a location based survival plan to keep your family safe when disaster strikes.


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