10 Essential Bug-Out Bag Supplies for Winter

Thursday, November 14, 2013

It seems like winter is creeping in a little early this year and cold temperature are already wreaking havoc here in our community. As you prepare for winter, it’s crucial that you modify your bug out bag and prepper supplies for the changing of seasons. Here are 25 emergency supplies that we recommend for winter.

It sounds basic, but keeping your feet warm is essential. Grab a few pairs of high quality wool socks and keep them stashed in your bug-out bag and in your drawers at home. Even if you are just shoveling snow, your toes will thank you!

This one was brand new to me this year, but I am definitely adding it to my gear. If nothing else, it looks perfect for winter camping. Imagine the warmth of your sleeping bag that walks around with you. It’s the perfect winter gear, especially if you live in an area where it is snowing often.

This ointment has been around since 1899. It’s perfect for dry cracked skin or lips and it is an absolute must for winter bug-out bags. Plus, my wife just likes to keep a tin on the bathroom shelf because it makes her skin super soft.

This poncho is easy to fit in your bug-out bag and it provides both protection (camouflage) and warmth (poncho) in the snow. It has great reviews on amazon and I’m putting it on my wish list for Christmas. I’m thinking it will come in handy for hunting too.

Invest in a good quality ice tool set for your bug out bag. You need a good scoop for removing snow or scooping it into a pot to boil for water. An ice fork and pick will also come in handy. These sets are inexpensive and can easily be stored in your bug out back.

6. Full Coverage Ski Mask

I chose this mask because you can wear it three ways: cover the neck, cover the face or cover your whole head. It’s high quality and comfortable so it’s the mask I recommend to my friends.

Having a base layer is essential to stay warm when you are stuck out in the cold. I like this particular set because it has the fly which lets you use the bathroom without stripping down. There are tons of other options online at BackCountry or Amazon, but make sure you have a set for everyone in your family.

Snow blindness is no joke and these glasses are well worth the investment if you find yourself in a SHTF scenario. They have great reviews online and I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my pair. They will go straight to the bug out bag and stay there unless I make a winter camping trip this year.

There are so many reasons to invest in a good headlamp. Imagine yourself searching for a safe place to use the bathroom at night. Or what if your kid wonders away from camp in the dark? Having a good headlamp is essential.

Don’t rely on cheap gloves for a survival situation. You will regret that you didn’t drop $20 on a decent pair of waterproof all weather gloves.  Seriously, if you don’t buy anything else on this list, get the gloves. Order them online or go to an outdoors store in your area and get a really good quality pair. It is worth every penny!


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