41 Reasons Why You Must Have Duct Tape In Your Emergency Kit

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Whether you are building a simple bug-out bag or an extensive supply of prepper gear, there is one essential supply that you cannot afford to miss: Duct Tape. Yes, the old adage is true! You can fix almost anything with duct tape. The men in our family have been relying on duct tape for decades and now, we are sharing some of the best potential uses in a survival situation. Check out these 43 reasons why you must have duct tape in your emergency kit.

1. Repair a Cracked Water Bottle

Imagine that you are stranded out in the wilderness with only one water bottle to carry your precious supply of H2O. What happens when that water bottle springs a leak? If you have duct tape on hand, you can dry off the surface and tape it closed.

2. Leave a Water-Proof Note

Rip off a piece of duct tape and write on it with a sharpie. You will have an instant water-proof note to leave for your friends or family.

3. Make a Butterfly Bandage

While it wouldn’t be my first choice to treat a cut, duct tape will work in a pinch. Use two small strips and add a smaller strip across the center to create a last resort butterfly suture.

4. Repair Holes in Shoes

When you cannot quickly run to the local Wal-Mart for a new pair of shoes, you can make your current duds last a little longer by repairing the holes with duct tape.

5. Prevent Further Tears in Clothing

If you catch your jacket on a tree limb and it starts to snag, you can use a piece of tape to patch it quickly and prevent additional tearing.

6. Do a Quick Hem on Pants

If your pants are too long, you can make a quick hem with duct tape. Just fold the pants legs to the desired length and then tape the hem in place.

7. Make an Instant Belt

Take a long strip of duct tape and twist it to create a rope. Thread it through your belt loops and use it to tie your pants in place for an instant belt.

8. Rig Up Some Makeshift Handcuffs

When you need a quick retraint for the enemy, that handy duct tape will do the job. Just tape his wrists together tightly by wrapping and rewrapping tape around them.

9. Make a Drinking Cup

By carefully folding and layering the duct tape, you can fashion a make shift cup to use for drinking water when you have no other option.

10. Remove Cactus Thorns or Splinters

If you find yourself with a major splinter or a sharp cactus thorn embedded in the skin, cover it with duct tape and then peel it away. This should pull out the splinter or thorn enough that you can easily grasp it and remove it.

11. Get Rid of Warts

If you get a wart, keep it covered in duct tape. Change the duct tape out as needed until the wart eventually disappears.

12. Repair a Torn Tent

If your tent is torn, you are going to need to repair it quickly to keep out the rain and unwelcome critters. Duct tape is a quick option to cover the tear and fix your tent.

13. Make a Rope

Pull a large strip of duct tape to the desired length and twist it to create a rope.

14. Rig Up a Clothesline

Fashion a rope out of your duct tape and then tie it to two poles or trees to make a quick clothesline.

15. Repair a Busted Sleeping Bag

Just like you repaired the tear in your tent, you can do the same with your busted sleeping bag. This will prevent losing any of that precious insulating foam or stuffing that keeps you warm at night.

16. Reseal Packages of Food

Make sure your food stores last as long as possible by resealing them with duct tape.

17. Keep Tent Closed

If your tent doesn’t have a door that zips shut or your zipper is busted, you can tape the tent closed to keep out the rain or other unwelcome visitors like possums, squirrels, or even bears. Yikes!

18. Catch Flies

Duct tape works well as a fly trap. Lay it with the adhesive side up and maybe sprinkle some honey on a few spots to attract the pests. They will soon be stuck to the tape so you can get rid of them.

19. Hold Together a Broken Tent Pole

If your tent pole breaks in half, you can hold it together by wrapping it securely in duct tape.

20. Repair Your Fishing Rod

Don’t toss that broken fishing rod! You might just need it. Wrap the broken area in duct tape and it will work just as good as new.

21. Turn a Knife into a Spear

Tape your knife to a stick to make a spear for fishing or hunting. This would be a great way to catch your dinner if you are stuck by a stream with nothing to eat and no fishing gear!

22. Wrap a Sprained Ankle

Duct tape will create a great splint to support a sprained ankle. Wrap the ankle like you would use an ace bandage. Try to wrap it over a sock to avoid ripping tape off the skin later.

23. Create a Shelter

If you have no tent and you need to create a shelter, duct tape could be your best friend. You can tape together large limbs to make a quick shelter to keep you warm and dry.

24. Instant Bandage to Cover Blisters or Cuts

When you don’t have access to Band-Aids, a little piece of duct tape and a piece of fabric will do the trick.

25. Make a Splint

Making a splint can be difficult in a survival situation if you don’t have a lot of supplies. But you can use the duct tape to fashion a fairly sturdy splint that will last you until you can get help.

26. Hold Together a Cracked Window

Run a strip of tape over the window’s crack to prevent further damage and create some temporary structural reinforcement.

27. Mend a Broken Screen

Just like you fixed the broken window, take a strip of duct tape to hold together a broken screen to prevent it from ripping further.

28. Repair Your Glasses

You need your glasses for proper vision so if you break them, a piece of duct tape will hold them together temporarily.

29. Tape Pants Legs Closed to Keep Mosquitos Out

If you are out in the woods and mosquitos are threatening to eat you alive, pull out the duct tape! Just tape your pants legs tightly closed to prevent mosquitos from finding your skin.

30. Add Some Extra Insulation to Your Boots

Make your winter boots a little bit warmer by taping the insoles with duct tape, silver side up. The shiny tape will reflect the warmth of your feet back into your boots.

31. Mark a Trail

If you are worried about getting lost, mark your trail with duct tape. You can easily stick it to trees and the reflective nature will catch your eye to let you know how to find your way back.

32. Make Emergency Repair to Your Car

Duct tape is a miracle worker, isn’t it? You can even tape a broken water hose to make a quick car repair.

33. Plug a Hole in Your Canoe

If your canoe springs a leak, plug the hole with anything you can find – plastic, fabric, or even just a ball of duct tape. Then run a strip of duct tape over the top to seal the hole shut.

34. Hang Lights Around Your Camp

Use duct tape to secure lights in strategic places so you can easily find your way around the campsite.

35. Make a Disguise

Duct tape will help you create a quick disguise if you are hiding from an enemy. Tape some leafy limbs onto your shirt or hat for a quick camouflage.

36. Hide Your Valuables

You can duct tape your valuables on the inside of your clothing to keep them safe when you are on the move.

37. Keep Ammo Close

In the same way as you hid your valuables with duct tape, you can tape your ammo to your body or to the inside of your clothing for easy discreet access.

38. Make Some Fire Starter

Wrap some dryer lint in duct tape for an instant fire starter.

39. Make a Hat

Keep the rain off your face with a hat made of duct tape. You can shape and mold duct tape into almost anything!

40. Create a Trap

Use some sticks and duct tape to fashion a quick trap for catching small game.

41. Weave a Basket

By taking long strips of twisted duct tape, you can weave together a basket to carry your plants and berries that you forage in the wild.

We Love Duct Tape!

Obviously, duct tape is a survival tool that is like manna from heaven. You can use it for practically anything! What other uses of duct tape can you think of?


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