Top 10 Bug Out Supplies For Under 10 Bucks

Thursday, January 29, 2015

bug out supplies

Building a bug out bag is an essential step for every prepper, but all the gear you need can really add up! If you are trying to cut costs, you can work on building your preps a little at a time. Here are 10 items that are a great way to start and all of them cost less than $10. Pick up these bug out essentials so you are prepared for anything if an emergency strikes.

If you need to wash your clothes, a basic bungee clothesline will come in really handy to help them dry quickly! You can string up a bungee style line between two trees and drape your clothes over to dry in the sun. A clothesline can also come in really handy for building a shelter. String it up and hang a tarp over the top to keep your sleeping area dry in a downpour.

When you have a lot of gear to carry, a carabiner will make life a little easier. Clip it to your bug out bag and you can hang your hiking boots, canteen, or other emergency supplies from your pack without taking up valuable space inside.

For under ten bucks, you can get a big box of ziplock bags and they can come in really handy in a survival situation. Keep your phone and documents dry in a downpour by zipping them up in these leak proof bags. Keep your items separated by category – a bag for first aid, a bag for hygiene products, and a bag for food.

Save room in your bug out bag with this nesting utensils set from Coleman. It’s lightweight and includes a spoon, knife, and fork to make meals a little easier when you are cooking over a campfire.

Trash bags can come in really handy when you are bugging out. Cut them apart to have an instant tarp or use them for instant ponchos during a rainstorm. Layer them over your pack to waterproof your gear or toss in edible plants while you forage.

Sports tape is the perfect choice for bugging out. It’s got the strength of duct tape, but you can use it for medical purposes too. Use this tape to brace a sprained wrist or ankle. Tape over holes to fix a leaky tarp. Use it to keep garbage bags over your boots to waterproof your feet when traveling through snow or rain. Sports tape is a must have in any bug out bag and it’s small and lightweight for easy packing.

When bugging out, you need a way to transport water without taking up a ton of room in your bag. This collapsible water bottle is a good pick because it rolls up for easy storage. It’s BPA-free and environmentally friendly and it’s a steal at under ten bucks.

This ultra lightweight blanket will reflect 90 percent of your body weight to help you stay warm when you are trying to survive on the road or in the woods. It’s a better choice than the typical mylar blankets because it holds up better to wear and tear. It’s small and easy to pack in your bag, but it will definitely make a difference if you find yourself stranded in the cold on your way to that bug out destination.

If you find yourself wounded and bleeding out, how will you stay alive? This wound seal powder stops bleeding instantly. The special formula was designed for people who take blood thinners so it can handle profuse bleeding and get it stopped in a hurry. Whether you nick yourself with your survival knife or sustain a wound in the wild, you can’t afford to forget this item in your bug out supplies.

This top rated fire starter can help you get a fire going quickly even if you are dealing with harsh conditions. It’s compact and it comes attached to a lanyard so you can keep it around your neck and always available if you need to get a fire going in a hurry.

These are a few of our favorite supplies to buy at decent prices. What are some other budget friendly items that you have added to your bug out gear?


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