Welcome to Survivalistguide.org. We are a typical American family... mom, dad, two kids, a house in the suburbs. Survival is not our hobby and it certainly is not a fun sport that we long to play. The ideas, tactics, and the implementation of survival skills are a very real and very needed aspect of every human life. We are dedicated to being prepared for disaster because our kids are worth it. We believe that during the next few years, these skills could be essential to keep us afloat. 

Unfortunately there are millions of people all over the world that are not taking the proper steps to ensure that they are able to provide for themselves or even their family for just a short period of time. If you have ever wondered about the seriousness or the importance of being prepared then you need to look no further than the recent issues that confronted the victims of Hurricane Sandy. If the most populated area in the United States can fall victim to an average hurricane, what does that say about the state of affairs in this country?

Survivalistguide.org is our little corner of the Internet where we share all about survival tips, skills, and gear. This site will cover many different aspects of the survivalist mentality including area specific survival, long term survival plans, short term needs, as well as dealing with a host of potential issues that could call for your survival skills to be put to the test. 

We share as we learn and we hope our survivalist guide will be a great resource for you and your family!


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